Monday, April 25, 2011

Continuing on with 100 things!

Here's Part II!

  1. Bright pastel coloured nail varnish for spring
  2. Fall (for the beautiful colours and the variety of clothes one can wear)
  3. Winter (for stepping on frozen leaves and watching the snow sparkle as well as spending time with family and cooking and baking huge meals)
  4. England. it's always great to go over and
  5. Watching one of my good friends play Pokemon. She really gets into it.
  6. When my dog sneezes. It's really cute! Don't judge...
  7. Watching British comedies in my mum's bed with a warm cuppa
  8. Listening to my granddad talk about his life (maternal)
  9. Listening to my grandma talk about her life (paternal)
  10. Hearing the birds outside my window and wondering what their life is like
Now I'll take my leave eat the choccies my mum's trying to give me.


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