Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some people say I dance like a lunatic. I say I dance like Matt Smith.

Buuuuh, erratic posting is erratic. I was quite looking forward to my courses this semester, but I didn't quite realise how labour intensive they would be. I won't bore you with how many papers, essays and document analyses I've done over the past 2ish weeks (that and I REALLY don't want to relive it...) but I will say I've been down-winding with some Gintama (銀魂). Definately one of my fave gag-anime. I will try and post more often as I do have some things to say and review, but besides catching a few episodes here and there of Gintama I've been doing home & house work. How do I continue on with such a boring life you ask? Pokemon battles. My dad's being all paranoid about marks (which is completely unfounded seen as though I got 90% on two of exams last semester and the other two were 79% and 88%) and has taken my DSi away- he didn't account for my friends bringing in decks of Pokemon cards. Well, till the next post!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Gahhhhhh, got my results back from my exams and my lowest mark was 80%! So relieved~ I knew I was going to do well (I was well prepared and in my element :3). It's also really relaxing having a spare! I'd forgotten how nice it is (I've only had one other and that was first period so I just slept in :P).
One of my classes, World Issues, has been really eye opening- and it's only been 2 days of the new semester! I always thought that I was fairly worldy, but I was surprised at how much else there is to know! The first day there was a slideshow that showed a country's flag, then a picture of their president (or prime minister) and then the names of both country and leader. I was surprised that I could only pick out about 3 flags of the 6 or 7 countries and 4 of the leaders names. It was pretty much the same for everyone else. Another exercise we did was drawing a map- with no external aid. I found it interesting that I could label Canada, US, all of the U.K and a fair amount of Europe, but I could only do a faint outline of the Middle East, I have no clue where the countries are supposed to be located in South America or even most of Asia. That was also pretty much the class norm (though there were a few that were much better and had proper detail- but lets face it, geography has never been a strong point of mine...).

Not really the best Friday blog post, just something I found interesting. On a lighter note, my mum took me to the British imports store so I could buy some Irn Bru, Tizer and a Curly Wurly :3 Have a good weekend!