Friday, February 4, 2011


Gahhhhhh, got my results back from my exams and my lowest mark was 80%! So relieved~ I knew I was going to do well (I was well prepared and in my element :3). It's also really relaxing having a spare! I'd forgotten how nice it is (I've only had one other and that was first period so I just slept in :P).
One of my classes, World Issues, has been really eye opening- and it's only been 2 days of the new semester! I always thought that I was fairly worldy, but I was surprised at how much else there is to know! The first day there was a slideshow that showed a country's flag, then a picture of their president (or prime minister) and then the names of both country and leader. I was surprised that I could only pick out about 3 flags of the 6 or 7 countries and 4 of the leaders names. It was pretty much the same for everyone else. Another exercise we did was drawing a map- with no external aid. I found it interesting that I could label Canada, US, all of the U.K and a fair amount of Europe, but I could only do a faint outline of the Middle East, I have no clue where the countries are supposed to be located in South America or even most of Asia. That was also pretty much the class norm (though there were a few that were much better and had proper detail- but lets face it, geography has never been a strong point of mine...).

Not really the best Friday blog post, just something I found interesting. On a lighter note, my mum took me to the British imports store so I could buy some Irn Bru, Tizer and a Curly Wurly :3 Have a good weekend!

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