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Dramas (2012);

  • Kagi no Kakatta Heya (The Looked Room Murders)
    • Really good so far! It reminds me of the Death Note novel "Death Note Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases"... Also the leader of the band 嵐 (Arashi) Ohno plays the lead. It invloves two lawyers that get mixed up in cases involving locked rooms murders-enter a lock specialist played by Ohno who helps them solve how the crime was committed. 
    • Fun fact- my cat likes to watch this with me. It might be because I tend to watch this in my room and she likes to sit on bed and curl up next to me, but she does stare intently at it in comparison to the other dramas I watch in the same conditions. Also, the motion Ohno's character does just before he says his catch phrase is cute.
      • CONCLUDED, April 16th ~ June 25th 2012, ran for 11 episodes
  • Legal High
    • Another show with two lawyers (see a trend in the subject matter of the shows I watch?); one lawyer will stop at nothing to ensure a client's release for the right price while the other lawyer fights to find the truth. To be honest, when I first went to watch it I thought the plot sounded okay but I really just wanted to see Taguchi's bit part. For those that don't know he is also from a band, KAT-TUN. His role is recurring, but even if it wasn't I'd still watch the show- I'm enjoying it so far! 
  • Answer ~ Keishichou Kenshou Sousakan
    • I was interested in watching this because of the lead actress Mizuki Arisa (she co-hosts a new show  called Catherine with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and a comedian - I only know of it because the Korean band Big Bang {whom I adore} were the first guests). Apparently she's held a lot of roles and this is her newest. Going from the first 7-ish minutes her character goes from being the chief of the Metropolitan Police to working with a group that verifies the arrest reports of the police. It's essentially investigating what was reported by investigating the actual crime. Oh look, another crime related drama! Still, sounds like an interesting job don't you think? She's driven and kick-ass, definitely not one of those characters that actively and obviously works to win you over. As a side note that's completely irrelevant, Mizuki's got gorgeous hair.
  • Lucky Seven 
    • Once again, started to watch this because of a band member. Actually from the same band as Ohno (see the first drama listed, "Kagi no Kakatta Heya"). The person I'm talking about is MatsuJun. The last role I saw him in (though he's been in other things between this drama and that) was the popular Hana Yori Dango- it was actually given a second season because it was so popular and according to ratings was received better. Funnily enough I didn't enjoy the second season as much, but it was one of those romance dramas where you wanted the main characters to end up together and I've found for me that once they do that's enough and I sort of lost interest. I've watched 3 episodes, but it's about a guy who more or less falls into being a detective with an agency called 'Lucky Detective Agency' with -surprise surprise- 6 other people making a total of 7 detectives. Each have a special talent in solving cases.
      • CONCLUDED, Jan 16th ~ March 19th 2012, ran for 10 episodes
  • Switch Girl!!
    • Based on the manga of the same name which I read and enjoyed- really quite funny. I haven't watched all the episodes though...
      • Not clear on the official start and end date but this ran for 8 episodes and has concluded

  • Love Rain (사랑비)  
    • I didn't actually start watching this until I left for a two week trip to England (saved it for the 7 hour). I haven't finished watching this series, I got to episode 5 out of 20 and so far I really like it! Not sure when I'll have the time to finish watching it though... For those that don't know the drama is about a couple that fall in love (of course with complications) in the seventies and end up not being together. However, fast forward to the present (set in 2012) and their son and daughter end up falling into each other's path. Slowly they begin to develop feelings- unbeknownst to the modern couple their parents have also come into contact and are rekindling their love. It's a really sweet drama with some lovely seventies fashion and design and there is some wonderful singing from some of the people in the seventies episodes.
      • CONCLUDED, March 26th ~ May 29th 2012, ran for 10 episodes

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