Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's not like it's a chore or anything...

I honestly don't get why I find updating this bloody blog so difficult. I think maybe because I get so wrapped up in reading other peoples blog and muttering my opinions to myself (though not in a psycho way...) that I forget that I have an outlet. Well, here goes it again I rather suppose. Currently I'm about to have some well deserved down-time with my cat, green tea and a lovely jubbly documentary on the evolution of rooms. That actually sounds kind of boring, but it is in fact rather fascinating seeing the slow transgression of necessity based rooms evolve into what we know them a today.

In TV related news, I'm going to be updating up my drama page. Once that's done, feel free to leave me suggestions or comments on what I should/have watched! Besides dramas, I would like to get into make-up reviews and now that I have upgraded cameras my picture quality should go up rather exponentially! I'm also going to be updating the 100 things page...

I do hope this is in the slightest of ways somewhat coherent, I'm typing this up whilst enjoying "Bad Boy" by Big Bang. I cannot accurately describe how much I love that song. Out of curiosity, has anyone listened to all of TVXQ's new album? I find I'm slowly coming around to really liking slower/ballad-esque songs and, while the album has many club songs, there a few on it that are really good. Till next post!

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