Monday, March 14, 2011

Pile o' pages

Typing this as an old special of DW plays out and definitely feeling the love. Lately I've been feeling apathetic, generally disconnected and lonely (rather sad, non?) and have decided to throw myself into a bit of reading to try and combat this. So, I've picked up a copy of Animal Farm (dubious thing to read about given the mood but hey, I don't mind a bit of Orwell) and have once again cracked the spine of my copy of Wuthering Heights (, my choice in books is interesting). I've also decided to compile a list of things I want to do before I die (also a bit morbid) as a way to clear my head a little and see where I want to go in life. Well, mildly depressing post is mildly depressing-and a bit short, but hey ho! I've got eggs to poach with gob loads of HP sauce to drench them with, so, till next post!

PS. Just found out that PBS has a YouTube account where they have full episodes of some of their series! Now on Episode 2 of The Last Enemy starring Benedict Cumberbatch (they reason I thought I should watch it, not going to lie) and also has Robert Carlyle. Defos worth a visit to poke around and see what else they have! I sound a bit like an ad....