Monday, January 31, 2011

Inspiration & 100 things

After reading 100 Things o'er on Sophia's Journal I feel inspired to take up the gauntlet and give the 100 things a go. Basically you gather a list of 100 things you care for or love (click the link to the aforementioned blog for a better example). Now that I've finally finished my exams for semester 1 I can update more! (Weak excuse is weak but true...) Especially since I have a spare period coming semester 2 :3 Anyways, I'll give updating Mondays & Fridays a go! But since I've decided this today, the first installment will be- if you can guess- today. So, allons-y! (Ten points to Gryffindor if you get my reference- other then the fact that I live in Canada and we also speak French...)...

  1. My family (they drive me ridculously bonkers during holidays, but without them as a support system I would have fallen to pieces loooong ago)
  2. My relationship with my parents (I feel this is different from my family on a whole, and I'm really thankful that I'm actually friends with my mum & dad)
  3. My teachers, the good ones
  4. A good book (this past Saturday I bought a Kobo -an eReader- and am loving the 100 pre-installed books it comes with! Just finished some hot lashings of Grimm's faery tales~)
  5. My iPhone (hey, this is my list and I'll get as superficial as I like :3)
  6. The BBC. I'm a bit obsessed with the BBC News app for the iPhone...
  7. Inspiring/amazing people- like Stephen Fry, he makes me want to be informed and articulate
  8. Doctor Who (a recent post on one of my favourite blogger's site was about the show, and I must say, DW- not from Arthur- has been a constant love in my life. Make of that what you will)
  9. Nintendo. I have a DSiXL and a Wii.
  10. German. History (more then just WWI & WWII happened), Language, Culture, Food (I freaking love SpƤtzle )
So, after bombarding you with text I shall take my leave. Till Friday!


  1. Of course DW! I watched Planet of the Daleks circa 1973 or something this afternoon


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