Monday, April 25, 2011

Catching up isn't so hard to do...

Enjoying my last day of freedom from school (which really isn't as bad as I'm sure it sounds) and trying to figure out what I want to do with this blog. I follow a lot of fashion blogs & well... 'slice of life' blogs? Pretentious sounding, really, but that's the simplest way to describe some and have come to the conclusion that fashion blogging really isn't for me. Not that I'd really posted anything relating to such, but for future reference I won't really be talking about such things. Instead I will be talking about food & books. & languages. & telly. & perhaps music. & other things I find interesting.
So, we'll see (or read, rather) where this goes. & seeing as though I got into my top Uni choice for the programme I want, there will be a lot (can I stress A LOT) of reading, writing and studying of languages. 5 to be exact. English (Majoring in lit), German (minoring in German studies- so excited for some of the courses & opportunities included in this), Old English (you may want to consider this similar to English, but it's not. As in you wouldn't be able to understand probably around 95% of what is being said unless you took a course. Now Middle English, that is Shakespeare &ct so that could be understood), Latin (I am doing English lit) and finally, but certainly not least, I would like to continue my studies in Japanese. We'll see how that goes because I read on the site that the German classes have daily quizzes to make sure you're retaining everything. I may or may not come out the other end of this degree with broken tear ducts from crying and a life expectancy of 25 from stress. But I want my Ph.D & that means doing an Undergrad first! That & my parents would disown me if I didn't do some kind of higher education- rightfully so, though! I would be the 3rd generation Ph.D by the way- not that that influences me. Much. Seriously though, what an achievement!

I also want to be somewhat involved in student life and would love to take part in the archery classes and fencing classes (and maybe some of their martial arts classes, I got a decent belt in Karate). Maybe even some clubs to liven things up a bit. I'll also be reconnecting with a certain friend that moved away and will hopefully be attending my Uni as well, so busy but exciting times await! But this post is getting texty and I want to update some of the labels, so, till next time! Which won't be to far away from last time. Having a spare period when you've taken intensive courses apparently doesn't mean you have the time to blog except for when you make the time. So here goes.

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  1. Gosh, sounds like a lot of work! I studied English Language for A-Levels and scarcely remember any of it, for shame. Sounds like a great plan though, good luck with it all!

    In regards to your comment on my blog; HURRAH FOR SHERLOCK! I seriously cannot wait for series two... x


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