Friday, November 25, 2011

Livin' tha thug Uni lyfe

      Now that my first semester is winding down I finally have a bit of time to myself & to blog! I've been working tirelessly to ensure that my marks are up to scratch to be able to apply for the London 2012 semester at my Uni. I'll write up the posts I promised about WWoHP + my American shenanigans in Orlando and set them to post over the next few weeks. I'll also do some more '100 things' and general update posts~ I feel like I finally have things to talk about and ideas to discuss so please stay with me :)

     Also, on the advice of my mum, I've started a new blog about all the performances I attend (I see at least one ballet every year with the occasional opera or play) entitled "The Knob blog". Yep, mum came up with that crackin' name and I made the blog 5 minutes after! I'll be seeing Romeo and Juliet this Saturday (it closes Sunday) and although I don't know how to properly review performances I'd like to not only keep a record of all the wonderful performances I get to see but also try to offer a less formal review for people who are unsure about seeing a play/opera/ballet/etc. Going to these places or even talking to my friends I realise that a lot of people my age don't even think about attending these things- and although I understand that they sometimes are rather expensive a lot of places offer incredible discounts for students. Maybe it's just me but, I think it terribly unfortunate that students don't take advantage of discounts, even if it is only once a year.

   Now that I've championed the arts (how befitting that at Uni I'm in College of Arts!) I'll leave you with a link to the new blog (I'll still be posting on here still, if that wasn't obvious) and the knowledge that I'm editing pictures in Photoshop and typing up my memories of Orlando. You guys will get that content and I will stop be lazy should probably not promise that so fervently.

Let me remind you that it is still under construction, please be gentle!

****Edit: Seen as though I just about update this blog I've decided to delete the aforementioned new blog and just post everything on this one till I get into the flow of things****

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