Friday, August 5, 2011

More of 100 things!

(~this is a schedule post that hopefully has worked out~)
Part III is here!

  1. Enjoying the garden on my balcony (I planted everything from seeds and it's surprisingly gratifying seeing it come to fruition~)
  2. Sherlock Holmes (Granada, BBC and of course good ole written word canon!)
  3. Libraries (the only time my mum's ever lost me was in a library- I got distracted by some encyclopedias on mushrooms)
  4. Reading by candlelight (I know it sounds dreadfully hipster and it does get your eyes after a while, but it's a lovely experience- and I've already got glasses so there is point in trying to save me eyes)
  5. Little notebooks (I kind of collect them...)
  6. BLTs. Wut? Bacon is delicious.
  7. Caleb Landry Jones. Seriously, you should hear his music~
  8. Fresh from the dryer comforters. Seriously, what's better then nestling down into a lovely smelling plushy warm blanket?
  9. Having good tv shows on DVD. Ads really irritate me...
  10. Christmas. I like food and pressies. But I don't think many people don't :)

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